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Sleeping Dogs

Posted on November 17th, 2010 by Kristin


There are so many things that I thought about when I was child, and had hoped would have been accomplished by now.

I guess most dogs have “dog dreams” or at least it sounds and looks like that when they are sleeping.  Last night Sophie was snoring away and Murphy started making mouth noises like he was nursing, and then started whimpering and tossing around. I have to wake him or Shay gets very upset. She says he his having a nightmare and needs help. I give him a shove, another shove and finally he lifts his head and is awake. He looks at me like why did you wake me; I was just about to turn around and get that lion that was chasing me. But what about the nursing sounds? He is almost 4 years old and although he still lives with his mom he should be past that stage?

I do wonder what they are dreaming about and wish they could tell me about it.

With all the technology in the world I hope in my lifetime we find a way to communicate with dogs so we know what they are thinking. But than again I am still waiting for the Jetson’s spaceship commuter car, which should be on sale by now.



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