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Forever Young

Posted on March 03rd, 2011 by Kristin

Working at home has its benefits. I enjoy it. I use to feel lucky that I was able to do it, having a flexible schedule and a toddler, works well. I did have a tough time working if she was awake and wanted to play or just following her around to keep her safe as she explored the house. Finally preschool age came along and I dropped her off 2 days a week. Then I had a block of time to work.

Now my daughter is 14, taking care of herself and would rather not have me around.

But I have my 6 and 4-year-old labs that if you take away the “7 in dog years," act like 6 and 4 year olds.

The minute I get on the phone they start to wrestle, jumping and biting each other. They are pretty rough. I guess because they have been together for so long and I rarely break them up - unless someone is getting hurt.  It helps get some of their energy out and if I don’t have time for a morning walk they’ll take a nap.

So I’m on the phone chatting with Linda and Sophie walks by headed for the back rooms. She is either going into Shay’s room for hair clips, left over chocolate chips or into the bathroom. I follow her and there she is, sitting in the tub with the drain stopper in her mouth. This is a dog that will not get into the tub for a bath unless she gets a treat. But since she knows there is no water she will jump in and just sit there. Sometimes she’ll take the stopper and run past me. I can tell she has something in her mouth by the way her eyes glance up, for just a second, to see if I saw her go by.

Then she will make me chase her, she will not drop it on command like her son Murphy is trained to do. The problem: treats. I trained Sophie with dog treats and Murphy just by command. She will not drop her treasure unless she gets something to eat in return. Since she is so fat I started her on baby carrots to bribe her to drop the piece of plastic, chewed hair tie or TV channel changer. It’s a game to her.

Sophie is a people dog. Like some children, she will go up to anyone and wiggle until you pay attention to her. If you want to pet Sophie or give her some attention, Murphy will run up and push her out of the way so you will love him. He steals whatever she is chewing on, even if I gave them each a bone he will drop his and take hers away. Just like siblings, they fight for attention and stuff.

I don’t think labs ever really grow up to be adult dogs. They are forever young in mind and spirit. Even if I am too old for more kids I will have these 2 young ones, I hope, for 5 or 6 more years. At least they won’t become teenagers and will always want to be around me.


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