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Ricky and Lucy

Posted on February 16th, 2011 by Kristin

Last night we attended the annual winter event party at Shay’s school. The theme was the 1920s and I was looking forward to seeing everyone dressed in flapper and gangster costumes. 

I enjoy these parties, there are always alumni parents that come back every year and we get a chance to catch up. I saw my old friend Kathleen. She is a doll. Very engaging and always asks how Shay is doing, my work and "How are the doggies?" She is a dog person and you can almost always expect dog people to check in on your pets. She remembers their names, and that Murphy is Sophie’s son. She asks if they are being good or still tearing the place up like they did when they were pups. I ask about her 2 labs, Ricky and Lucy. I remember Lucy was always jumping up on her kitchen counter and stealing avocados or peaches. Something even my dogs don’t do. She said they were fine, Lucy had a tumor taken off her leg and was healing; Ricky was getting better since they started giving him glucosamine. Then she told us how they had to put a lock on the refrigerator to keep Lucy from eating the tortillas inside. They caught her grabbing food and heading out of the kitchen. She dropped the food at the back door, leaving it there until someone would come and open the door so she could take it outside. They have another fridge in the backyard for drinks and they had to lock that one too. They could not figure out who was leaving the door open all the time. What the heck?  Even though my Sophie looks like she raids the fridge, I don’t think it would occur to her to even try to open it.

My dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, although they sneak in when something drops or spills. I've seen Murphy eyeing a cracker on a cheese plate that he could easily gobble up. But I have always caught him before he had the chance.

I love hearing these stories and am always amazed  how smart these animals can be.

Next time I hope she tells us Lucy is putting cheese on the tortillas and making quesadillas!

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